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Rockeroo is a new era for your marketing campaigns.

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Rockeroo is pioneering a new category called Digital Target Marketing. Which gives businesses control of all of the actions offline and online hat they want consumers to know across the intelligent ecosystem.

Face-to-face and digital interactions that boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic, and increase sale, Go Rockeroo


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Plataform that your business really needs.

Increase your

Interactions and Lead Quality

What is Rockeroo

You are the top with target marketing data

Use your data to enrich your campaigns and relationships with your customers.

Analyze your data

Analyze your data

To improve the results of your campaigns.



Integration via tags on your website or webservices.

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails

E-mail with more information about your services and products.



Customizing the platform to meet your market needs.

Research and Quality

Research and Quality

Listen to your customers with satisfaction surveys.

Campaigns with intelligence


Reach your customers at the right time and save on your media costs.


Get the Best of Segmented Digital Marketing

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