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What is Rockeroo

Big data is the black gold of today

Use your data to enrich your campaigns and relationships with your customers.

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Our Services

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Analyze your digital campaigns

All data is organized to improve the relationship with your customers.

Campaigns and Relationship

Creation of integrated campaigns with interest of its clients and monitoring and nutrition of information.

Research and Conversion

Discover real-time customer satisfaction and track your conversion.

Analyze your data

To improve the results of your campaigns.


Integration via tags on your website or webservices.

Transactional Emails

E-mail with more information about your services and products


Customizing the platform to meet your market needs.

Research and Quality

Listen to your customers with satisfaction surveys.

Campaigns with intelligence

Reach your customers at the right time and save on your media costs.

The main difference lies in the opportunity to measure a vast amount of information and analyze it deeply for better decision making.

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